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5 Iconic Capless Fountain Pens - Innovative and Classic

There's a lot of beauty in simplicity, that's a universally accepted fact, especially when it comes to pens. The simpler the better. But any hobbyist or collector also likes quirky pens or ones with interesting features. That's why we've created a list of 5 iconic fountain pens with retractable nibs. Although we are dealing with a rather narrow niche, we have chosen reliable pens and high-end pens. 

PILOT Vanishing Point

The Pilot Vanishing Point, the benchmark for capless pens, is arguably the most popular retractable pen ever made. The first model, introduced in 1963, had a twist mechanism that extended and retracted the tip. The invention was considered a giant leap in the pen industry at the time. Since then, Pilot has improved its retractable pens, and the company has added two options in addition to the twist mechanism: a button and a slide mechanism.

Each standard edition pen has a different style and color scheme, we chose the Blue Carbonesque style because it looks the most unique of them all. The main advantage of this pen is the 18 carat gold nib and pressure mechanism that allows you to expose the nib or retract with one hand. This is a great feature that comes in handy when you can't use your both hands. However, there is one drawback to note: the Pilot CON-40 converter is not that big in terms of capacity.

Pilot Capless Splash Fountain Pen Bangladesh

LAMY Dialog 3

More and more pen manufacturers have decided to collaborate with famous designers to develop products with an artistic taste. And, Lamy stepped up to the plate by launching this retractable beauty. Its design was inspired by Franco Clifio's vision, and we couldn't be more pleased with the renowned designer's clean approach. This pen is German engineering and craftsmanship, with every detail taken care of by Lamy. Each pen is made end-to-end with the highest quality materials such as gold, platinum or palladium. The nib is made of 14 carat gold and are moved by a twist mechanism. The innovative ball valve protects the nib from dust and dryness when the nib is retracted. Thanks to this smart feature, the pen requires less maintenance and is easy to clean.

LAMY Dialog 3 Bangladesh

PILOT Capless LS

If the vanishing point isn't enough for you, there's a premium version with a twist mechanism to replace the button. This deluxe version is not only beautiful, but also works flawlessly thanks to the slow-motion mechanism, which is quieter than the click mechanism. Similar to the Vanishing Point model, the Capless LS features an 18k gold push extension, but characteristically retracts by turning a coin under the button. The technological improvements are much more noticeable on this pen.

PILOT Capless LS Bangladesh


Believe it or not, Platinum has a retractable pen called Curidas. But is it worth buying? At first glance, the plastic body looks like a cheap pen, and although the price is low, the pen is actually quite durable. Designing retractable pens is not an easy task, to keep prices low, expensive materials must be avoided and only nibs, the filling mechanisms, retractable mechanisms, etc. must be used. Made mostly of plastic, the pen feels good in the hand and isn't the cheap plastic most people think it is. Available in 5 different versions, each pen has a stainless steel nib that works well on paper. The tip is protected by an internal seal, which also prevents the pen from drying out when retracted. Better enjoyment for the money you invest in this pen.

PLATINUM Curidas Bangladesh

Visconti Pininfarina 1930 Carbongrafite

The name Pininfarina is probably familiar to every car enthusiast. Visconti is already a leader in the pen industry, so let's take a look at what makes this pen stand out. The collaboration between the two Italian giants has turned out to be a huge success, as this retractable pen is a masterpiece. Limited to 930 units worldwide, the pen is highly sought after. The overall design is impressive, but the most interesting aspect is the unique rotating nib extraction mechanism that runs along the back side of the pen. This pen has a chromium tubular nib. The pen uses specially made converter for the filling mechanism. This pen is the most expensive piece on today's list, but also the most unique.

Visconti Pininfarina 1930 Carbongrafite Bangladesh

Do you have a favourite capless fountain pen? Let us know in the comments section!

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