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A Day For Writers, A Day For Pen-o-Holics: International Handwriting Day!

In the progressing world of digital art, the duo of ink and paper is being neglected by many. Even if it is only a scribble or an actual handwriting in letters filled with emotions and thoughts, handwriting has the warmth that typing can never replace. Hence at least this 1 day out of 365 encourages everyone to appreciate something which a lot of us are leaving behind - 23rd of January. That is today. So, let us talk about the significant day!
International Handwriting Day 2021 Bangladesh
What is and why is there a International Handwriting Day?
How about digging into some history first? 
International Handwriting day has been celebrated since 1977, on the 23rd of January based on America's one of the most well known penmen, John Hancock's 44th birthday; invented by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA). WIMA manufactures stationeries such as pens, pencils and markers, so it was initiated for publicity, but turns out their commercial purpose gave us,  papyrophiliacs, a day to encourage penmanship among the generation of technology.
The impact of spell checkers and word suggestions has left people inconsiderate of what a pen and paper can do. Handwriting is an art that imprints the significance of each word being written. Every person has a different handwriting just like fingerprints. The value of a letter from a family member who lives miles apart, holds a different emotion that a text message can never contain. Handwritings are precious and the International Handwriting day urges people to cherish the art of handwriting, to put away technology for a moment and to alarm our fellow aficionados about it's almost extinction. This day is also an opportunity to invite more and more people in our pure hobby, and for us to re-explore the power of craftsmanship. 
How to celebrate the day?
There is so much to be done on such a day. Here are a few opinions from my side...
The first thing you can do is inform more people about today. What is today? A day for us to appreciate the value of pen and paper. Informing helps us to save handwriting from extinction. The more people know about it, the more people will celebrate handwriting and growth of penmanship.
Once you are done informing, teach children how to write. There are a lot of kids growing up with iPads in their hands instead of pencils who need someone to show them a path to stationeries. Not all kids need to go to school to learn writing. Teaching starts with parenting.
International Handwriting Day 2021 Bangladesh
Take a break:
Take a break from gadgets. Handwriting Day does not only reunite you with writing but, in addition, it pleads you to take a moment away from the screen and then look at the paper.
Of course, write. Take a pen that stood aimlessly on the stand and re-unite it with the love of its life, also known as paper. Sounds thoughtful, no? Do it! Write anything that comes on your mind. I'm pretty sure a pen gives you more ideas than a keyboard or its suggestions. Or just leave a supportive note for a stranger on the table of a cafe. Spreading kindness is also a purpose of the Handwriting day.
You need to explore yourself. What you have in you that slept while you were busy making a presentation for the upcoming project, what you forgot to wake up. Maybe there is still a hidden writer in you?
Try out some fonts that resemble your handwriting. Or maybe something new? Learning has no age and we are here to encourage people to learn new everyday! Makes you more creative and gathers appreciation.
International Handwriting Day 2021 Bangladesh
By now you will get to know if you can still do better with a pen. One's greatest competitor is themself. It is your chance to beat yourself to perfection! Your handwriting practise includes your signature too. Work on that! Who knows you might have people asking for autographs later on!
If you have written that much, then why not write a letter to a loved one? We often send e-mail or text messages over the internet, however, can we take a moment to fantasize how wonderful it was to our grandparents when writing letters and waiting for days for the postman to arrive with a reply? You can cherish those moments by sending out letters to anyone to ask about their whereabouts or just inform them about International Handwriting Day!
Draw, sketch, scribble:
Jotting down words that come up in your head, or simply sketching an object that is laid on the table can be a great wake to escape from the scheduled pain of work. Maybe write out a bucket list on that old journal? It might sound childish but dreams are endless and when you have a journal, it is always peaceful to write out dreams that you want to acquire and dreams that you wake up to. Something that you will not possibly want to type on the keyboard.
Narrate stories:
Write down a story and narrate it to someone. A story reflects a lot about the writer which may help you convey your thought out through a story.
There is a lot more we can do by sharing more ideas with each other. I did mine, now is your turn. Share your ideas on how to celebrate International Handwriting Day and enjoy penmanship.
Author: Rabsa Binte Shahed

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