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Beginner's Fountain Pen

Things to consider when you're looking for your very first fountain pen as a newbie might be: It’s price? It's durability? Is it easy and comfortable to use? To answer some of them, Below meet with a few pens which are considered as the beginner's fountain pen:
1) Pilot V Pen: This plastic bodied, light weight creation is Pilots cheapest beginner level fountain you'll find. This pen is made to be disposed after single use. Although, it can be refilled as well, you'll find videos regarding it on YouTube, or we might discuss it someday later on. 6 different coloured inks are available in Bangladesh. Coming only in medium nib. Quite smooth to write. You're sure not to find such an amazing pen at such a cheap price!
Pilot V Pen Fountain Pen Bangladesh
2) Platinum Preppy: Cheap, but not always available in Bangladesh. It's much better then the V Pen considering it's appearance and body material. Personally, I don't really like it's nib. Nibs come in fine and extra fine. Extra fine does a better job as it allows you to write in any given paper. Preppy can be refilled using both cartridge and converters. Though the converters must be bought separately, which costs the same as the pen, sometimes more than the pen itself. Cartridge however is hard to find in Bangladesh. So the best thing to do would be refilling the cartridge. You'll find many videos in YouTube on how to refill cartridges using a syringe.
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Bangladesh
3) Pilot Kakuno: An amazing beginners pen. Hexagonal bodied. Good grip. Nibs are cutely embellished with smiley. The interesting thing is, each coloured body has it's own special smiley engraved on it. Kakuno and Metropolitan share the same type of nib, feed and are also exchangeable. The pen was actually made for kids, yet this entry-level pen won’t fail to give you an advance level experience. The pen arrives with one cartridge, the converter needs to be bought separately. To use bottle ink, you can fit a Pilot con 40 converter into it; or simply use cartridge, can be found in any stationery shop.
Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Bangladesh
4) Kaweco Perkeo: Perkeo is Kakuno's German cousin. Targeting its school going kids, Japan has made Kakuno, on the other hand, Kaweco has made Perkeo for their German/European kids. I like the grip section of Perkeo more, compared to Kakuno. Strong body. Made of ABS plastic, similar to Lamy Safari. The all black colour looks awesome and classy. Kakuno can be used only with Pilot cartridge or converters, but Perkeo can use any standard international size cartridge or converter. Perkeo is available with 4 cartridges if you buy the blister pack. Converter needs to be bought separately, or you might refill the cartridges as well. One more thing is European nibs are thicker than the Japanese Nib. So, the 'fine' of both pens are not actually the same size. Although fatter the nibs the smoother it is. But, those who prefer thinner lines should choose Japanese fine nib.
Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen Bangladesh
5) Pilot Metropolitan: Internationally considered as a beginner’s pen, from Bangladesh's point of view though we might be a little hesitant to call it so. Price 1750 taka. If you're a fan of metal body's sophistication and grace, and if you have checked off all the pens above because of their plastic bodies, then I suggest Pilot Metropolitan is the best for you. A full on fountain pen which comes with cartridge and converter. You can choose to use either cartridge, or start experimenting with various coloured ink bottles. It arrives in a nice gift box, which can be used as a carrying case as well. Up to 2 pens can be carried at once. Nib sizes include fine and medium. Fine is the one for those who like to write thin, and want to write on any type of paper. But I’d say the real fun lays with the medium, the smoothness of it might make you lose interest in fine nibs forever. Also you can't really taste and feel a good ink without the medium size.
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Bangladesh
  1. Pilot V Pen: Cheap, disposable, available in many colours. 
  2. Platinum Preppy: Good quality. Well build. Extra fine nib available as well.
  3. Pilot Kakuno: Smooth. Good quality and build. Converter easily available. Cute nib design.
  4. Kaweco Perkeo: Good grip. Good quality and build. Nice design. Smooth. International converter/cartridge can be fitted.
  5. Pilot Metropolitan:  Metal body. Smooth nib. Comes with a converter, cartridge and a nice gift box. Beautifully designed. Excellent built. Available in many colours.

Some of these pens are available in BDpens. Have a look.


Author: Atiqur Rahman

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