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Dilemmas we face as pen lovers: Which pen do we use?

In our life as dedicated pen-o-holics, we often come across times when we get bewildered on which pen to use for our particular tasks. Many choose randomly, but as pen addicts we ought to help our fellow aficionados to make a better choice for their respective purposes.

What is the difference? Do they work differently? Are there any diversities in their structures?
Yes, indeed!

Ballpoint pens are the traditional pocket friendly tools for all generations that are used for regular tasks. The formulae of dye dissolved in alcohol and fatty acid compiles to a thick, smooth and lubricant oil-based ink in ballpoint pens which dries off real quick, avoiding any smudges, and making it fit for our everyday purposes. Be it signing your check or filling out a form! However, the thin and vague ink wouldn't seem as appealing as the other two types of pens. The nib of ball point pens are scratchy and require pressure to have the marks on the paper. So, even though ballpoint pens are pocket friendly, beware of the hand cramps after a long period of time! Nevertheless, for us, pen-o-holics, we have hybrid ballpoint pens which have slightly different formulae, allowing a smoother writing experience and comfort.
Rollerball vs Ballpoint Bangladesh
Next comes roller pens, which stand out because of it's thick, vivid lines which roll over the paper smoothly with least pressure applied. Unlike ballpoint pens, roller pens consist of liquid or gel inked (similar to fountain pen inks) balls which roll finer lines over the paper from it's inked nib leaving marks of almost three times more ink than ballpoint ink. This makes it more vivid hence appeals to the purpose of the content with the fine line it draws. Effective for detailed calligraphy. Yet, the smoothness may come with smudges behind which requires patience. Roller pens depend a lot on the paper they are used with. Mostly, rough and thick paper to absorb the watery base as much as possible. Otherwise, the paper may 'bleed' out ink that doesn't seem very pleasant, does it?
Lamy Ballpoint and Rollerball Bangladesh
And lastly we have gel pens, which I personally have fancied since, childhood. The vibrant range of colors made with the pigments suspended in water based gel ink, attracts attention, and makes it absolutely flawless for making notes or designing outlets. No hand cramps due to the smoother gel ink, helps in longer writing periods but the uneven coated tip skips more often during writing. And smudges are better off expected, the watery ink takes longer drying time. Also, similar to roller pens, gels pens demand special paper quality to avoid 'bleeding'
Pilot Gel ink pens Bangladesh
Ballpoint pen: Usually do not require a cap, as they are waterproof and oil-based ink is longer lasting. Hence may come in twist and/or click mechanisms.
Roller pen: The liquid water/(gel) ink may dry hence strictly need caps to have maximum pen life span. Roller pens need frequent refills, like fountain pens.
Gel pen: Similar to roller pens, the gel ink may dry off very easily and to avoid that we need caps here again.
Now choose for yourself! Which one fits your purpose? Sure there is a sword for every pen warrior. My experience and yearn for pens is reinforced with BDpens which offers a huge range of ballpoint, roller and gel pens; imported right from the best quality pens, and papers to go with respective pens too!
Author: Rabsa Binte Shahed

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