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Ziaul Asif Chowdhury

Ziaul knows first - hand the overwhelm and frustration when it comes to choosing/sourcing  fountain pen, ink and paper in Bangladesh. For the past 15 years he has been practicing writing journals as a powerful method to self development.

Ziaul grew up in Dhaka, his father a businessman who has been a  great role model and an inspiration on his career. Graduated from University of Derby, U.K with a degree in Business Administration in Human Resource Management. Long experience, working with international Printing equipment distribution companies and manufacturers in Heidelberg Germany and USA.

It was his love for fountain pens an aficionado and the lack of availability for authentic  instruments has finally decided to start an Online page back in 2018. Pen Galaxy, BD is his creation out of scratch! From a hobby to an online business later expanding as a distributor of three major Brands – RHODIA, LAMY and PARKER for Bangladesh region.

His wife Fariha Ahmed co-president and business developer the support system behind PGB has played a huge role from the very beginning. Graduated from University Of London in Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Grew up in Dhaka, with entrepreneurial parents who inspire her a great sense of independence. Her love for art journals and bullet journaling influenced us to carry Art Supplies in PGB.

Pen Galaxy, BD is quite unique and people simply love our services along with the personal touch we provide for each individual customer. Our selection is limited as we carry only the Brands that we trust and believe in quality. PGB for the last two years has consistently maintained 5 star ratings, not even a single return or complain!

Here are some reviews from few of our customers:-

Sehemi Sultana  (Bogura)

Product – Zebra Mildliners

Thanks a lot for providing these amazing products.. I have been finding Zebra Mildliner in so many ways..I wasn’t able to order from amazon or Ali express.. I am so glad that Pen Galaxy, BD is providing these best products.. Finally I have got Zebra Mildliner.. 😍 I would highly recommend people to buy products from them..They will give you the best quality products..

MAJOR Muhammad Habib Al-Razi (DHAKA)


Received the products in incredibly well packed. Excellent quality. Just loved the personal touch. Thank you. Update: (Lockdown) Received few lamy fountain pens and a special gift - 5 complementary lamy cartridges. Thanks again.

Tanvir Hussain (DHAKA)

Product – RHODIA

Simply wow!Thank you pen galaxy

Professor Sidharto Goutom (Rajshahi University)

Product – LAMY Fountain Pens, RHODIA, PGB Leather Pen Cases and many more...

এতো বিস্ময়! এতো আনন্দ আমি ধরে রাখতে পারলাম না। এতো অভিনবত্ব, এতো যত্ন কীভাবে পারলেন, জানি না। এতো মুগ্ধতা প্যাকেজিং এ থাকে, এ প্যাকেটটি না খুললে বুঝতাম না! অসম্ভব আপ্লুত হয়েছি। এতোটা ভালো এ বছরের আর কোনোদিন লাগে নি। বিশ্বাস করুন, একটু ও বাড়িয়ে বলা নয়। এতো যত্ন!!! আমার কিছুই বলার নেই! শুধু বলি অনেক অনেক শুভ কামনা আপনাদের জন্য! রবীন্দ্রনাথের কথায় যদি বলি তবে বলবো 'আমারে তুমি অশেষ করেছ এমনি হিয়া তব' সত্যি আমাকে অশেষ করেছেন। আমি বিস্মিত ও অভিভূত! আপনাদের মঙ্গল হোক।

Novera Anwar (Dhaka) INGO Professional

Product – Lamy Ink, Leahter PGB Pen Cases and many more..

Such a lovely gesture. Always love my purchases from Pen Galaxy, BD for their customer care and little gifts inside 💕 wishing more success and prosperity in 2021 and beyond

Md. Zahin Hossain Brinto (DHAKA)

Product – Leather Pen Case PGB Choco Brown (4 Pens)

I really like it as it is very nice, light, and a great product overall. My favourite part about it (besides the extra sleeve, of course) is that it has slots for the four pens  it can house so that they don't rub each other and prevent any colour trading between metal pens! Another thing I'd like to say is that I really like the way the case can store pens that are a bit longer than most. It can be had by not pulling the flap all the way down which pretty much makes it suitable for all pens, unless of course they are really, really huge. Whether it be fountain, ballpen, or even a mechanical pencil the four pen case can and most likely will fit it!

Prottoy Dipto (Dhaka)

Product – Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Perfect service. Ordered a lamy safari charcoal. Delivery was fast and the packaging was more then enough. Overall very good service

Professor Giash Uddin (SYLHET MC COLLEGE)

Product – PARKER, LAMY & Tombow

Pen Galaxy was with exclusive service, For the genuine online trading others may imitate them.

Mozammel Haque (DHAKA) Founder Of BD Cyclists

Product – Rhodia

Thanks for the personalized letter - it was a good touch to the delivery experience.

Our online shop isn’t a pure retail/distribution. We also focus on introducing the art of writing, traditional letter writing, bullet journaling, art journal as an inspiration to dive into the world of fountain pens not only as a collector item rather than a systematic way of using it as a daily writer.

Feel the joy of writing with a fountain pen and enlighten your inner soul with creativity  – Ziaul

Ziaul Asif Chowdhury 

Owner And Founder 

Pen Galaxy, BD 


Mobile: +8801704-696972

Online Page:

Pen Galaxy, BD

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