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Fountain Pens Are Back On Trend!

Starting from the very beginning, human beings yearn to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas. Often times through conversations or in the form of writing. The writing system though has evolved with time from engraving in stones, to quill pens, fountain pens, ball pens, to digital pens and keyboards. Facing a little down time competing with all the modernisation, invention of ball pens and a generation that's filled with screen obsessed fellows, fountain pens are now back on the game. That too with full-blown elegance and beauty.

How come fountain pen fandom is back?

You might wonder how fountain pens in midst of the new-found technology and variety of pens, are now back in trend. It's quite obvious to think how aren't fountain pens long forgotten alongside reed pens and quill pens perhaps. Well, I would say fountain pens were never really 'gone', they were always there, probably just among the few elites.

What’s so special about these pens?

What most aesthetics or fountain pen users would firstly say is, the 'affection' that's involved with it. Its something that connects their heart with the paper, they say. Something that brings out their own personality with the flow of ink.

Fountain pens are somewhat bridge between the past and the present. Which can fill oneself with nostalgia of old school days of inky fingers or maybe smudged back page of your notebook. Or maybe as a treasured piece left by your father or forefather. It's the old-fashioned aura along with its own personal touch that draws people towards it.

On the other hand, it gives you the writing experience no other pen can give. The simple act of filling ink in the pen, feeling the ink flow on the paper, is therapeutic to many.

A blend of luxury, love, and leisure.

Not just that, fountains for ages have been considered as great gift which in fact lasts generations. Gift between nations. Politicians. Colleagues. Friends. Family. Teacher student. Anyone. These pens with all heart have forever been accepted by all.

Luxury Fountain Pens in Bangladesh

Coming in beautifully designed body, range of nib sizes and variety of inks available is overwhelming. Perfect for any form of art or even bullet journaling(a fancy sort of to-do list). This has grabbed interest of artists and calligraphers these days. With numerous groups and pages in Facebook and Instagram created by enthusiasts and collectors has also caught eye of plenty. Plus, the want to be different, a little out of the ‘ordinary' makes many look for a fountain pen instead.

Fountain pens are symbols of etiquette and standard. No, they are not only for the 'richer class', they are now found in range of prices starting from a few bucks, accessible anywhere in Bangladesh.

So, why not give this élite hobby a chance? You’re sure to perk a few eyebrows here and there when you carry a fountain pen, instead of an ordinary ball pen, not to mention the posh writing experience.


Author: Mahiya Mannan

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