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Pen Gifts for Father's Day 2022: Great Pens for Dads

There cannot be a greater day than 'father's day' to shower immense love and extra gratitude to your father. He is someone who loves you unconditionally and looks after you even when you are all grown up. So let him know how much he means to you and appreciate your hero with these extraordinary versatile fountain pens because a valuable pen is a father's best companion.

1. Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen - Blue Marble

Regular Price: Tk 38,000
Enjoy a 5% Discount for Father's Day Sale!
Discounted Price: Tk 36,100
Where to find: BD Pens

Pilot Custom Heritage SE BD Pens

The newest collection in the custom series 'Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen' is a pleasure to write with and the most reliable when it comes to writing effortlessly. For a serene experience fountain pen lovers can use it for signing important documents, letter writing, calligraphy and what not!

Comfortable to hold and captivating to look at 'Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen' marble coloured resin body consists of #5 rhodium plated 14kt gold nib, its fine nib size is refillable for continued use with a cartridge or Pilot’s CON-70 converter. The included Pilot CON-70 converter holds an ample ink supply while uniquely combining the characteristics of a vacuum-filling and push-button converter or you may also use proprietary Pilot/Namiki ink cartridges.

2. Opus 88 Omar Eyedropper Fountain Pen Green

Regular Price: Tk 15,500
Enjoy a 4% Discount for Father's Day Sale!
Discounted Price: Tk 14,880
Where to find: BD Pens

Opus 88 Omar BD Pens

You have no idea what to get for the next birthday party of a family member or special event that's around the corner? Don't worry, featuring a really striking pen 'The Omar' that has a dark green acrylic barrel and marbled cap, trimmed in contrasting polished chrome.

This timelessly beautiful pen has fascinating effects combined with high-quality material. They don't draw ink up into the barrel themselves, you need to use an eyedropper (or syringe if you prefer) to get ink from the bottle to the pen barrel. Similarly, it's safer to carry as there is a valve, to seal off the ink supply just above the nib. At the same time you can just keep the valve closed and open it when you need to enable more ink into the feed.

The varied and fascinating 'Omar Eyedropper Fountain Pen' is 150mm long capped, 137mm uncapped. 14.5mm wide, 11mm at grip and weighs 34g.

You may serve 'The Omar' as the perfect gift. You will have it in an elegant gift box, with a glass eyedropper. Be the reason for your father's best writing experience with 'The Omar Eyedropper Fountain Pen'.

3. Parker 51 Black Resin Chrome Fountain Pen

Price: Tk 13,520
Where to find: BD Pens

Parker 51 Fountain Pen

The Parker 51 Black Resin Chrome Fountain Pen is the most durable and versatile when it comes to everyday use. It is hand assembled and made from precious resin and the cap is adorned with a complementing metallic gem.

Enjoy Parker 51 in your everyday use or for fancy calligraphy besides smudge free quick note taking. Apart from this you would want to give it to your beloved mother/father for any occasion. Celebrate them as they unleash creativity bringing emotional thoughts and stories on a piece of paper.

This remarkable Parker 51 Black Resin Chrome Fountain Pen has central circumference of 3.5cm, steel fine nib with rhodium finish and can be used with the ink cartridge or converter. Its length with cap closed is 14 cm and cap posted is 15.3cm. Take into account that the converter is not included.

4. TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Fountain Pen

Price: Tk 8,000
Where to find: BD Pens


The TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Fountain Pen has the most appealing grip design and sophisticated look, an excellent choice to give to an elderly loved one such as grandfather/grandmother or to any fountain pen lover.

A traditional fountain pen which modern society will adore as well. It is characterized in the best way that will astonish any pen lover. It includes completely detachable parts and a benchmark piston ink-filling system. You can see your ink color and remaining ink level thanks to the clear demonstration barrel. The grip section, cap ring, and piston knob are all deep teal blue aluminum on this limited edition fountain pen. With circular engravings in the grip and cap area, the aluminum has a slight matte finish. It has a stainless steel nib and is enclosed in a contemporary clear display case.

Get it and add another extraordinary fountain pen to your father's collection.

5. Sailor Lecoule All Black Fountain Pen

Regular Price: Tk 5,500
Enjoy a 10% Discount for Father's Day Sale!
Discounted Price: Tk 4,950
Where to find: BD Pens

Sailor Lecoule BD Pens

The Sailor Lecoule Fountain Pen brings an entirely new perspective in creative writing, calligraphy, drafting, sketching and the list goes on. Easy to use and extraordinary to look at. It is a special companion for your valuable writings or can be a special companion for those you love. This will come with black or gold color trims with a steel medium fine nib.

It is used with a sailor ink cartridge or converter though sailor converter is not included in the package and sold separately. Including with steel nib medium-fine nib (MF). Completely new in box with 2 pieces of sailor ink cartridges. Writing or sketching with Sailor Lecoule Fountain Pen leaves you with an ecstatic feeling.

6/Pilot Metropolitan Animal Series Black Crocodile

Price: Tk 2,200
Where to find: BD Pens

Pilot Metropolitan BD Pens

The extremely aesthetic Pilot Metropolitan Animal Series Black Crocodile has black metal bodied pen, a crocodile print accent band, silver trim, and a steel nib. Handy and on the other hand a perfect gift for your father or husband because of its masculine physique.

It comes with a squeeze converter to use with bottled ink, an Ink cartridge as GIFT, and will be packaged in a gift box. 




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