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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Review

Pilot Kakuno is something that will certainly catch you off guard by its performance. Kid-friendly, inexpensive, and creative design. Among the best entry-level fountain pens alongside Pilot Metropolitan and Lamy Safari.

Pilot Kakuno Soft violet Fountain Pen 

Kakuno comes in clear plastic packaging. Along with the pen, there is an instruction manual and a cartridge. If you want to use bottled ink, you’ll have to buy a converter separately. The instruction has a playful design and is quite easy to understand.

Pilot Kakuno review

Kakunos are available in various colors: dark grey body with translucent grip section, nib engraved in a cute smiley face, and caps that are in the color red, lime green, blue or grey cap. Kakuno with a white body has a clear grip section, a winkey face on the nib, and caps with soft colors of violet, pink, yellow, and turquoise.

Pilot kakuno Image by Ramim

[Image: Ramim]

My Kakuno being white and soft violet. And god it looks so much more vibrant than it looked in pictures! I really appreciate the change from the regular metal-bodied fountain pens. The pen is lightweight, plastic-bodied, and hexagonal shaped. The cap is tapered at the top and has no clip, but the tiny bump in the cap prevents the pen from rolling over. 'Pilot Kaküno' is printed in white on the cap, with the 'u' having a nice smiley face. Cap posts securely with no chattering.

Pilot Kakuno Packaging

I loved the transparent section of the pen, first because it always fascinates me to see the internals of the pen and also because it allows me to see the ink levels. I guess it amazes others as well to see the ink work its way up to the nib to the paper.

 Pilot Kakuno smiley Nib

The barrel has two holes in it, to prevents any choking accidents, a safety measure for kids(kids being one of their targeted users). Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t allow Kakuno from being an eyedropper. Although, that may be solved by filling the holes with epoxy. Nonetheless, it works with any Pilot's cartridges and converters. You can use CON-70 for high ink capacity.

 Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Now comes my favorite part, the nib! Who can ever ignore that cute little smiley on the nib as you write? The looks of the pen may not woo everybody but the adorable nib sure will. Pilot undeniably went creative with this one.

The pen felt comfortable on my hands. The grip has a subtle triangular shape, simply molds on my fingers. The lightweight makes it easier to use for any beginner. There is not much difference in weight with the cap posted or unposted.

Pilot Kakuno Orange

My pen has a Fine nib; which I tested on my notebook from SM products together with the ink cartridge that came with the pen. The stainless steel nib is stiff, producing uniform lines with no line variation. It’s smooth with a good amount of feedback and consistent lines; neither wet nor dry. For a pen of this price, it clearly performs excellent, exceeds expectations in fact.

Pilot Kakuno carries a nice kind of simplicity and fun to itself. It’s definitely not something you’d bring out of your coat pocket but more of a regular use pen. It’s great for school, work or journaling on the go. A pen you could carry without mad fear of losing.

 Here's an unboxing video of Kakuno from BD Pen's YT Channel - 


This pen is certainly a fantastic entry-level fountain pen. It can be your first fountain pen or a pen that adds softness and fun to your sophisticated bunch of pens or it can also be a pen that you gift to your child/grandchild, which may make them eventually grow a soft corner for fountain pens.


Author: Mahiya Mannan

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