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Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Review

Pilot Prera is one of the famous and most talked-about pilot fountain pens. So naturally, I'm overwhelmed to try it out and check out myself if it's worth all the hype.

Prera is demonstrater pen with a simple and nice clear body. I have a soft spot for clear pens, I just love watching the internals and the ink swooshing around and work its way down to the surface, the mechanism is soo cool! I can also quite easily see the remaining ink level.

Pilot Prera Fountain Pen

This pen has a solid build just like every other pilot pen, despite being plastic-bodied, it'd certainly woo anybody how well it's built. It has translucent black and silver accents. There are other color variations available as well including: blue, light blue, green, red, orange, and pink.

The cap is clear but the liner of the cap is translucent almost opaque, I don't really know what's the use of it; unfortunately, it doesn't allow us to see the nib when the cap is on. There are four white dotted lines and a stripe by end of the cap. The strip holds the name 'Prera' on one side and 'Pilot Japan' on the other. The cap shuts satisfyingly. The clip is springy but firm, which I wasn't expecting from a plastic-bodied pen.

Prera is more on the smaller size. I'm generally not a fan of smaller pens but surprisingly I'm liking this pen a lot. It feels comfortable to hold. Maybe because the width compliments the size. If you have bigger hands then posting the pen would do the job. The pen posts securely without wobbling.

The pen comes with a con-40 converter and an ink cartridge. Pilot cartridges hold quite a lot of ink but for now, I decided to fill the con-40 converter with Diamine Rustic Brown. Wanted to add a dash of color.

Putting it on paper, I can feel the paper as I write, but it writes really smooth. Although a little on the finer side, nothing unexpected from a Japanese nib, they tend to be a little finner than the western pens. I assume the medium nib of Prera will be equal to western fine. Prera fine nib is perfect for those who like writing extra-fine, but those who prefer wetter and thicker lines should opt for medium.

Pilot Prera Nib

[Left: Pilot Prera F nib, Left: Pilot Metropolitan M nib]

For me, fine is the right one; smooth with enough feedback, not too much, not too little, just right! Goes on without interruption. I prefer flex nib, this one however is stiff, allows little to no flex. The pen is ergonomically lightweight, weighing only 14g, I can see myself writing for hours at once without fatigue, unlike other metal-bodied pens. It's good for everyday use as well.

I would say Pilot Prera is a nice beginner/intermediate level workhorse pen. Beginners can practice getting used to writing with a fountain pen without having to worry about the weight of the pen. Others, on the other hand, can write with this pages upon pages or carry it around if they wish.

Coming to the price, this pen is certainly not cheap cheap, but definitely worth the spent. It's compact, writes smooth, looks cool. A unique addition you might add to your collection. Get this and you can easily forget about all other pens you might have. Pilot Prera is available in BD Pens. You can shop from there.


Author: Mahiya Mannan

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