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All About Rhodia

If you have even the slightest of interest in the stationary world, then I'm quite sure you have come across the name 'Rhodia'. Much loved for its quality, reliability and beauty. This phenomenal French creations are famous for their stationary products, specially notebooks and notepads. Besides that they also have an amazing collection of ball pens, pencils, mechanical pencils and various other accessories. Which for more than 85 years have kept alive it’s excellence and authenticity.

Founded by two brother, Henry and Robert Verilhac back in 1934, in Lyon, France. Place close to river Rhône; people of that region are called Rhodaniens, and that's where the legendry name Rhodia is derived from. In 1997, Rhodia was bought by the Clairefontaine Group, and the production was moved to Mulhouse.

Their logo consists of two fir trees linked by a line. Fir trees are local to that region. Which symbolizes two founding brothers working together. It is said that the logo was sketched in a single stroke by Antonia, Henry Verilhac's wife. Who knew a simple drawing sitting on a kitchen table, would one day embody such a world-class company.

Rhodia Logo Bangladesh

To talk about it’s notebooks, In a nutshell, Rhodia notebooks and pads are exceptional. Now that’s not only my opinion, but in fact of many other stationary fanatic, aesthetic, artist, calligrapher, letters are head over heals in love with these creation.

But, what’s so special about it?

Well, everything. From its high quality paper, cleverly designed cover, to strong binding, everything is flawless and outstanding.

Rhodia papers are found to be one of the smoothest you'll find in the world. Fountain pen friendly. Fountain pens, felt pens, ball pens, basically any writing instrument glides delightfully over the paper, without any fraying, bleeding or ghosting (ghosting is when you can see the writing on one side of the paper from the other side. Not necessarily mean that the ink has actually bled through to the other side. It simply means you can see it, an issue when you wish to write on both sides).

Rhodia Paper Bangladesh

It has fast drying time (essential for fountain pen users), thus prevents smudging. Bright and brilliant. In addition, Rhodia papers are PEFC certified(Program For The Endorsement Of Forest Certification). An NGO that encourage sustainable forest management. This shows Rhodia products meets all standards set by PEFC.

Also you’ll see, acidic paper breaks down faster, as molecules therein react when exposed to heat or light. Rhodia on the other hand is acid-free and pH neutral, which means this paper has a long life time, in other words it does not degrade, discolor and stays undamaged for a long time.

Paper weight - Most Rhodia pads are found to be made of 80gsm. It is pure white, smooth and has faster drying time(makes it perfect for fountain pen users). Than there is 90gsm Rhodia paper. Which is said to be the 'premium' one. Although both papers connote quality, they are just a tad different. 90gsm papers are cream coloured. More smoother. With a little longer drying time.

You can choose paper that are either, Blank, Grid, Dotted or Lined. Rulings on the papers are in pale violet, dark grey, or brown in color.

Rhodia notebooks and notepad are available in various sizes. Other than their iconic classic French orange and black covers, Rhodia is available in many different colors as well. Turquoise, Red, Taupe, Violet. Sapphire, Raspberry to name a few( check out their Rhodiarama and Rhodia ColoR Premium Pads).

Rhodia Notebooks Bangladesh

Bindings are one of the most important part of any notebook or notepad; backbone of it, literally. Rhodia has 3 different binding, each speaking of high quality and durability.

Stitched: Rhodia stitched notebook are among the luxurious piece out there. Pages are securely stitched and glued. Covered in superb leatherette, front embossed in Rhodia logo. Usually includes an expandable pocket, page ribbon, and strap.

Twin Ring: Strongly bound by black twin ring. Can be cleanly teared off if need be. It can also be easily flipped through. Lays as flat as a pancake.

Stapled: Stapled? Really? Don't stapled pads tend to come lose and are difficult to use? Well, in case of Rhodia, it's a whole different thing, their unique design along with high quality staples makes sure the paper stays in place and cause no finger injuries. The staples hold around 70 to 80 sheets. Covers are scored to neatly fold back and have matte finish that’s soft to touch.


Rhodia goalbook:
Made to keep track of your past, present and future. Day in day out. Anyone who wants to keep their life organized. Note down your to-do lists, upcoming events, mood tracker, daily water intake, special days, anything. Perfect for bullet journaling. To the bujo journalist out here, this book right here ends your life long search for 'the one'. Contains superb quality ivory 90gsm papers. 240 numbered pages, 6 content pages, 2 perpetual calendar, and 2 page markers. Also an extra pocket at the back to hold in notes or cards. Comes in both hard and soft cover.

Rhodia Rhodiarama collection:
To add in a little dash of color in our life Rhodia introduces us to this colorful range of notebooks that come in many sizes. Casual and luxurious. Glue and thread bound, a back pocket, and elastic enclosure.
Available in both soft and hardcovers.

RhodiaRama Goalbook Bangladesh

Rhodia Meeting book:
Initially made for CEO of Clairefontaine himself. Each page has sections for date, notes and actions. Which helps you keep track of your meeting or project in hand perhaps. Micro perforated pages for easy tear. Much needed for professionals.

Rhodia Chic Bloc Mousepad aka notepad:
Rhodia's intelligent ideas has always made our life easier. Just like this one over here. These pads are made to serve as both mousepad and notepad. You can quickly jot down any important notes while on your computer. Consists of 30 pages of 80gsm paper. The nonskid design holds the pad firmly in the desk.

Now moving on to their stationaries. Their writing instruments include HB pencils, Ball pens, Mechanical pencils.

Rhodia scRipt Ballpoint Mechanical Pencil Bangladesh

HB pencils are of Rhodia's very own orange color. Black triangular body. Black eraser and collar. They come in nice hard box of 25 pencils.
Rhodia Ball pens and mechanical pencils are pretty similar to look. Both having brush aluminum hexagonal body. The pen being 0.7mm smooth and precise ball point. The mechanical pencils are of 0.5mm graphite leads. They are available in 5 different vibrant and beautiful colors. To tell you the truth, their look took my breath away.

Some which I'd personally like include is their pencil-case. Rhodia manufacture their own pencil-case. Made of pure leather. Both square and round case. Looks classy and elegant.

Their leather laguage tag also looks chic and voguish. Ideal for travelers. Available in black and orange.

Rhodia is simply amazing! Just when you thought nothing can be perfect, Rhodia notebooks and notepads prove you wrong in every possible way. An epitome of perfection and class. Those who used it know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t believe me? Well, check it out yourself. Get hold of it once, and I’m sure you’d be hooked.

Surprise for Bangladeshi fellows….
Rhodia is now in Bangladesh!!
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Author: Mahiya Mannan

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