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14 Calligraphy Tips for Beginners

Want to start calligraphy…but where do I start? Well, this article tries to help you a little with that; aims to help you exhibit most out of your calligraphy. Bringing you 14 tips many wish they knew before –  1) Sort out your space As the saying goes, "A cluttered up desk, is a sign of a cluttered up mind". Many(me included) can swear that, a nice and tidy workspace can enhance concentration and helps more ideas to flow. Warm up by organizing your space. Get a comfortable chair, a table that's neither too high nor too low, so your hands are positioned comfortably. Begin the habit of sitting with your back straight if you haven’t already, to prevent any...

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Calligraphy is the New Way of Fighting Depression

What is depression? It's nothing unusual to feel sad and somber now and then, due various stages life puts us through. But, when these emotions are stronger and persistent, to the point it disrupts a person's day-to-day life, affects a person's medical and physical health, to the point where they might even have suicidal thoughts, we call it depression.According to 'The Daily Mail', a research conducted by University College London, on almost 50,000 people, to see positive effects of calligraphy and other creative stuffs, shows that 76% of them enjoy such activities and find them to be a ‘distraction tool’ to block out anxiety, 69% took up a creative hobby as a way to make themselves more confident, and 50%...

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