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Pen Gifts for Father's Day 2022: Great Pens for Dads

There cannot be a greater day than 'father's day' to shower immense love and extra gratitude to your father. He is someone who loves you unconditionally and looks after you even when you are all grown up. So let him know how much he means to you and appreciate your hero with these extraordinary versatile fountain pens because a valuable pen is a father's best companion. 1. Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen - Blue Marble Regular Price: Tk 38,000Enjoy a 5% Discount for Father's Day Sale!Discounted Price: Tk 36,100Where to find: BD Pens The newest collection in the custom series 'Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen' is a pleasure to write with and the most reliable when it comes...

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How to Celebrate The Fountain Pen Day

Happy Fountain Pen Day Pen Lovers/Potential Pen Lovers!.Fountain pen day is celebrated on the first Friday of every November, as a day to promote using this elegant writing tool and take some time out of our busy schedules to show our love for fountain pens. .Taking a brief look at history, we see us humans come a long way in wanting to express ourselves in words. From writing on the sand to scribbling on stones to quills to pens to what we call modern-day writing instrument, texting. .The very first pen invented was probably the reed pen. Usually made of bamboo with one end sharpened to act as the nib, and the hollow tube filled with plant matter to serve...

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Best Gift For Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's day is coming up and you're still wondering how your dad always manages to gift you exactly what you needed or bring something you instantly fall in love with? But when it's your turn to bring him something, you scratch your head off to come up with his possible wishlist or anything unique. Let me give you a hand with that.      Watches, wallets, perfumes, shirts, are things that pop up first in anybody's mind and of course are nice choices but are clichés that your dad has already or you've gifted him those earlier. Dad's gift has to be something useful, durable yet uncommon. And checking off all those I came up with fountain pens!    ...

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Pilot Sponsored the Biggest Handwriting Competition in Bangladesh

Pilot Handwriting Competition. Sponsored by Pilot. Organized by Fountain Pens Bangladesh. The biggest arena in Bangladesh for anyone to showcase their wonderful talent of handwriting.  Pilot is known to be the greatest Japanese pen manufacturer. Pilot Pen Corporation founded in 1918 and since has walked its way up to be among the top pen and stationery brands in the world. The company now has its branches all over the globe. Pilot is well known for products that are innovative, high quality, and reliable. It keeps in mind its customer’s need for pens that are comfortable for regular use, as well as their desire to have pens that speaks of elegance and class. Some of their unique creation include Pilot Capless(...

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7 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him!

Valentine's Day is knocking on the door. Have you planned gifts for your loved ones to celebrate the day of love? Love is a connection of thoughts, experience and emotion between two people. It is not only bound within a relationship between two partners, but can also be formed between family, friends and strangers as well. What else can be a better gift than desktop happiness? Makes you seem thoughtful and appropriate for anyone to gift! Treasure Valentine's Day with the 7 best inked ideas, which will seal your love forever.   1. Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen is our first favorite choice for fountain pens, currently this pen is available in Bangladesh with 3 different animal-prints: i) Blue Leopard, that is dark purple with...

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