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The Best Gift to Buy For Yourself: A Fountain Pen

Celebrating yourself and buying something nice for yourself regardless of it being big or small should be practiced more often. It's completely fine to reward yourself on special occasions or for surviving a month at the office, or absolutely nothing. It encourages you and keeps you excited for the next time you'll buy yourself happiness. For pen lovers, of course, their happiness lays in pens. You know how exciting it is to add one more pen to your collection, experience yet another marvelous creation. Now the question is which pen? You can certainly not gift yourself something disappointing. To help you out with that I have shortlisted 2 amazing pens. Pilot Metropolitan and Pilot Prera. Confused about this or that?...

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Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Review

Pilot Prera is one of the famous and most talked-about pilot fountain pens. So naturally, I'm overwhelmed to try it out and check out myself if it's worth all the hype. Prera is demonstrater pen with a simple and nice clear body. I have a soft spot for clear pens, I just love watching the internals and the ink swooshing around and work its way down to the surface, the mechanism is soo cool! I can also quite easily see the remaining ink level.This pen has a solid build just like every other pilot pen, despite being plastic-bodied, it'd certainly woo anybody how well it's built. It has translucent black and silver accents. There are other color variations available as...

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Best Gift For Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's day is coming up and you're still wondering how your dad always manages to gift you exactly what you needed or bring something you instantly fall in love with? But when it's your turn to bring him something, you scratch your head off to come up with his possible wishlist or anything unique. Let me give you a hand with that.      Watches, wallets, perfumes, shirts, are things that pop up first in anybody's mind and of course are nice choices but are clichés that your dad has already or you've gifted him those earlier. Dad's gift has to be something useful, durable yet uncommon. And checking off all those I came up with fountain pens!    ...

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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Review

Pilot Kakuno is something that will certainly catch you off guard by its performance. Kid-friendly, inexpensive, and creative design. Among the best entry-level fountain pens alongside Pilot Metropolitan and Lamy Safari.   Kakuno comes in clear plastic packaging. Along with the pen, there is an instruction manual and a cartridge. If you want to use bottled ink, you’ll have to buy a converter separately. The instruction has a playful design and is quite easy to understand. Kakunos are available in various colors: dark grey body with translucent grip section, nib engraved in a cute smiley face, and caps that are in the color red, lime green, blue or grey cap. Kakuno with a white body has a clear grip section, a...

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Pilot Sponsored the Biggest Handwriting Competition in Bangladesh

Pilot Handwriting Competition. Sponsored by Pilot. Organized by Fountain Pens Bangladesh. The biggest arena in Bangladesh for anyone to showcase their wonderful talent of handwriting.  Pilot is known to be the greatest Japanese pen manufacturer. Pilot Pen Corporation founded in 1918 and since has walked its way up to be among the top pen and stationery brands in the world. The company now has its branches all over the globe. Pilot is well known for products that are innovative, high quality, and reliable. It keeps in mind its customer’s need for pens that are comfortable for regular use, as well as their desire to have pens that speaks of elegance and class. Some of their unique creation include Pilot Capless(...

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