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Never Go Wrong With Pilot FriXion Ball LX

Pilot FriXion is magic! Even though it doesn't come from some magical mystical land, but that doesn't make it any less magical. Now how often do you see writing vanish right in front of your eyes?! You heard it right. You can now erase ink. The pen has unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula that disappears when it reaches high temperature, which can be achieved by rubbing the writing with the eraser at top of the pen, this creates heat by friction(FriXion!!). The ink even reappears if temperature drops bellow -10 degree Celsius. Just pop the piece of writing in the freezer for a while and wait for magic.   Pilot Frixion saves you from all the stress and fear of...

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Pilot G2: King Of Office Pens

Pilot G2 has been one of the most used pens in the pen world and has established a great impression as the king of office pens on its way. Its availability throughout every possible part of the world is responsible for the fame it has. One of its best known is the G2 07 nib which is a regularly used office tool.   The pack of Pilot G2 on my hand, consists of four refillable Pilot G2 07. Each one covered with a rubber grip which extends till the tip of the pen, ensuring a proper hold on the pen. The plasticy body gives a light weight, not as light as a Sharpie, however. But, unlike the Sharpie, Pilot G2...

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Dilemmas we face as pen lovers: Which pen do we use?

In our life as dedicated pen-o-holics, we often come across times when we get bewildered on which pen to use for our particular tasks. Many choose randomly, but as pen addicts we ought to help our fellow aficionados to make a better choice for their respective purposes. What is the difference? Do they work differently? Are there any diversities in their structures? Yes, indeed!Ballpoint pens are the traditional pocket friendly tools for all generations that are used for regular tasks. The formulae of dye dissolved in alcohol and fatty acid compiles to a thick, smooth and lubricant oil-based ink in ballpoint pens which dries off real quick, avoiding any smudges, and making it fit for our everyday purposes. Be it signing...

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