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The Best Gift to Buy For Yourself: A Fountain Pen

Celebrating yourself and buying something nice for yourself regardless of it being big or small should be practiced more often. It's completely fine to reward yourself on special occasions or for surviving a month at the office, or absolutely nothing. It encourages you and keeps you excited for the next time you'll buy yourself happiness. For pen lovers, of course, their happiness lays in pens. You know how exciting it is to add one more pen to your collection, experience yet another marvelous creation. Now the question is which pen? You can certainly not gift yourself something disappointing. To help you out with that I have shortlisted 2 amazing pens. Pilot Metropolitan and Pilot Prera. Confused about this or that?...

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BD Pens: World's Very First Shopping App for Fountain Pens

BD Pens have recently launched not just Bangladesh's, but the world's very first android shopping app for fountain pens. This app makes it more easier and less time-consuming for its customers to get their hands on fountain pens or stationaries of their desire. The app's straightforward interface allows a seamless experience for anybody. In addition, this app informs you about their latest arrival and their best selling. They also occasionally give out a good discount if you purchase from the app. BD Pens is an authorized dealer of Pilot Pens (a Japan-based company), Kaweco (Germany), Lamy (Germany), Rhodia (France), TWSBI (Taiwan), Easterbrook (USA), and dealer of Diamine inks (UK) in Bangladesh. Introducing Bangladeshi's to genuine and quality stationeries from various...

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Best Gift For Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's day is coming up and you're still wondering how your dad always manages to gift you exactly what you needed or bring something you instantly fall in love with? But when it's your turn to bring him something, you scratch your head off to come up with his possible wishlist or anything unique. Let me give you a hand with that.      Watches, wallets, perfumes, shirts, are things that pop up first in anybody's mind and of course are nice choices but are clichés that your dad has already or you've gifted him those earlier. Dad's gift has to be something useful, durable yet uncommon. And checking off all those I came up with fountain pens!    ...

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About Foutain Pens

Fountain pens may seem downright intimidating and mysterious at first, but I assure you they are so much more fun than you think. Yes, they are different from regular ball pens or gel pens, but that's what makes fountain pens so unique and special. I’m quite sure you’ll love it. How do you even ignore such a classy creation? Not to mention the smooth writing and arrays of inks you can try out. Don't worry if you personally don't know a fountain pen addict, you always have the internet to guide you through. You may be wondering are hard to use? No, they are not hard to use, but there are quite a few things that you have to know...

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Women And Fountain Pens

If you’re a woman and you love fountain pens then I’m quite sure you’ve realized the rarity of finding a woman with the same passion for pens. But has it always been like this? Coming to know about a little history, women used to love fountain pens during the early 1900s, so much so that they even wore fountains around their neck! But even then fountain pens were somewhat associated to be a 'Man's thing'. I remember coming across this fountain pen ad of the mid-1900s once, which targets the women folks and says “Christmas present hint for women!”. Implying that men admire quality fountain pens. That got me thinking, does liking fountain pens has something to do with masculinity?...

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