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The Best Gift to Buy For Yourself: A Fountain Pen

Celebrating yourself and buying something nice for yourself regardless of it being big or small should be practiced more often. It's completely fine to reward yourself on special occasions or for surviving a month at the office, or absolutely nothing. It encourages you and keeps you excited for the next time you'll buy yourself happiness.

For pen lovers, of course, their happiness lays in pens. You know how exciting it is to add one more pen to your collection, experience yet another marvelous creation. Now the question is which pen? You can certainly not gift yourself something disappointing. To help you out with that I have shortlisted 2 amazing pens. Pilot Metropolitan and Pilot Prera. Confused about this or that? (or how about both?) Let's go into details.

Pilot Metropolitan

First up, appearance. Metropolitan is a luxurious metal body, available in many wonderful colors and elegant prints. Prera on the other hand, is a plastic-bodied demonstrator pen, meaning they are transparent and you can see the internals of the pen. Isn't that cool!

Both of these pens are a must add to your collection. If your collection deprives of a metal-bodied pen, definitely add in Metropolitan, a nice elegant metal fountain pen is a must-have. But, if you already have a metal-bodied pen in your collection you should undoubtedly add Prera, it's unique, a whole new vibe that can compel anybody. It looks different and feels different than any others out there. Besides who wouldn't find it interesting to watch the ink works inside.

Pilot Prera Fountain Pen

Nibs are similar but not the same. Although they are exchangeable and look the same, they perform way differently. Both write smoothly without interruption but compared to Metro, Prera is much smoother and performs wonderfully well. Since both of these pens are Japanese, both write slightly thinner than western fountain pens. So, if you are into thicker and wetter lines opt for a medium-sized nib.

Prera is also known as a workhorse pen, you can write with it for hours and hours every day without fatigue thanks to its lightweight plastic body. So if you're someone who writes a lot, Prera is the one for you.

Prera comes with a con 40 converter and Metropolitan comes with a squeeze type converter. You can use cartridges in both.

Metropolitan is a pen that you can carry to meetings or elegant parties. It has a posh and lavishness to it. Whereas Prera is an awesome pen you can ANYWHERE(expect people to ask you to have a good look at it).

Pilot Fountain Pens

In conclusion, both pens are a wonderful gift to yourself. Prera being slightly on the expensive side compared to Metropolitan. It's plausible however why Prera is costlier, it comes with its fair share of pros. If you're running on a budget, you surely won't be disappointed with Metro. But, if you can afford to buy yourself a nice present, go for Prera.


Author: Mahiya Mannan

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