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What makes a premium gift for anyone? No doubt: A Fountain Pen

In today's world of technology, we are merely writing. Instead, we chose the keyboard to type in anything and everything one can possibly imagine. Well, who'd even want to carry pen and papers when they have the world in their hand? Apparently no one. However, the feeling of scribbling with a pen can never be replaced with the clitter clatter of keys.

How is a fountain pen a great choice as a gift?

Think about it, why are you giving a person a gift in the first place? It can be, as a thank you, or a sorry. Probably as a birthday or wedding present. Or a farewell gift, possibly a welcome gift as well. On the other hand, it can just be a gift for no reason. Now tell me, for which of the above purposes is a fountain pen not appropriate? None of the above. Below are some reasons why fountain pens are a wonderful gift.


Gift Fountain Pen Bangladesh

Not Possessing it:
The most obvious reason why you'd want to give a person a fountain pen is, they might not have it. As we know, this is a generation of graphic pens and not fountain pens; possibilities are high that the person you want to present does not have one. By giving them the pen, you become smart and intellectual in their eyes!

Connection and Memories:
As the pen rolls over the paper, pure thoughts ought to come out, keeping the person who gifted it in mind. Hence, if you want to be remembered, give them a fountain pen so that whenever the ink rolls out, your memories together are retrieved with each stroke of pen. Whether using it occasionally or on a daily basis, a gifted pen holds more than we can humanly decipher. When the pen holds particular memories, we tend to bond with it emotionally. A fountain pen brings back memories of school days of inked fingers and aimless pen strokes. Pausing in between a hectic day and reliving those memories is not going to cost anyone a penny, or will it?

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Stress reliever:
Just as Miguel De Cervantes said: "Pen is the tongue of the mind." We know that no matter how fast-forward the world runs with technology, it is always wise to take some time out and relax the mind by writing out in a diary. Remember when we used to write out how our day went in our Dear Diary? Good times. We need this now more for the stressed life and barely anyone to talk to in person. A pen is certain to put out words from the core of the heart more than anything and anyone else. Give them a pen and a classy notebook to help anyone out in life. They will certainly remember you.

For centuries, fountain pens are gifted as heirloom gifts. A pen is a promise to craftsmanship, history and art, which has been treasured for years now. The aesthetic metal design has its own grace. Notice, when there is a fountain pen and paper on the desk, your hand naturally crawls towards it and scribbles are automated to art and lead to calligraphy to addicts. That's completely natural for anyone, for the aura a fountain pen radiates is surreal. And anyone gets happy if gifted with an exquisite fountain pen.

The aura of fountain pens tends to trigger the hidden creativity in people, and helps many in trying to master in calligraphy. Calligraphy is art that very few have inherited, while passing on pens and sharing it has attracted more people to calligraphy.

Fountain pen Bangladesh

If you are worried to choose between gifts that speak out people's gender preferences, give them a fountain pen and no more worries! A child, a grown up or an old person; the sight of a fountain pen cheers up anyone. Fountain pens come in a broad spectrum of colors and designs suitable for every age and gender. There is a huge range of fountain pen types which meets your budget as well. So you have choices when gifting to different types of people. For a kid, there are simple designs which are easy to write and comes with moderate nibs. If you are to gift to a client or colleague, you may choose something classy and professional keeping in mind which nib size might standup to their needs. The nib sizes are switchable too! And for an elderly, it is wise to bring then authentic fountain pens which reminds them of their old times. Pen world has many materials for a fountain pen. And the mixed and swapped inks may give you something out of the box! It is simply up to you what you choose!

Adaptation and Mechanism:
The effortless flow of ink out of the reservoir refrains hand cramps. Fountain pens are popular for getting melded according to the user's preferred angle and pressure with time. So you do not have to worry about which pen to give them. Choose a fountain pen you like and leave the rest on the pen. It will do your job of pleasing the person to be using it.
Fountain pens are refillable and come with cartridges according to user's color choices and/or converter if that particular pen is restricted to only one
brand of cartridge and offer only a few colors of ink. One can refill and repair their pens by themselves and there are videos on YouTube to guide anyone to do so. Life gets easier this way! A fountain pen goes on for years if they are treasured and handled carefully which makes them the best choice for gift and heirloom gifts as well.

As mentioned earlier, fountain pens were used way back in history on a daily basis, but their value has not reduced in the present times. With an increased love for reservoir pens and limited editions people have started to value its worth. If you have a pen that is no more in stock, it's price instinctively goes up with time for pen collectors. I myself as an aficionado would want to buy a unique fountain pen which is near extinction. Now you know why you'd be helping someone by gifting them a fountain pen, don't you?


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Author: Rabsa Binte Shahed


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