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About Us

Are you a papyrophiliac? This is the place for you! 
Welcome to Penabled!
Penabled is Bangladesh's first ever blog for the endearment of pens and stationeries. We are making an effort to rejuvenate the passion for pens and authentic stationeries within people, by introducing craftsmanship to young minds who are fascinated with stationeries such as pens and papers. Hobbyists are gathered up here to make use of this small part of the internet so that more and more experts, writers, hobbyists and stationery aficionados are attracted to join our never ending journey to desktop happiness. We aim to take our people in a library of stationeries from where they'd never want to return and get engrossed in stationery delight. A lot of youngsters are surprisingly enthusiastic over the topic of stationeries and pens, and we try our best to encourage waking up the papyrophiliac in them. Penabled is to make you able to get used to using pen more often in this modern world of technology, and boosts your passion for stationeries with all the spirited people out here,
Hope you had a wonderful experience.